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Game Bad Ice-Cream preview
Game Bad Ice-Cream preview

Bad Ice-Cream

Bad Ice-Cream

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8.8(8 votes)

Bad Ice-Cream

Play as your favorite ice-cream flavor and battle it out with the hideous monsters that are trying to eat you. Bad Ice-Cream is an addicting, fun game that is set up in a very vibrant and unique atmosphere with the possibility to play with your friend! Beat the clock and conquer all the maps to reach your end goal. The game’s family-friendly nature allows players of all ages to have an enjoyable time while playing.

Playing as ice cream has never been cooler (Get it? Ice cream is cool, so... Alright, apologies, moving on!) than it is now in Bad Ice-Cream!

How to play Bad Ice-Cream?

Take control of your ice cream and grab all the fruits that each mission asks of you. As simple as it sounds, Bad Ice-Cream throws many obstacles in your way ranging from vicious monsters to bizarre puzzles. The game keeps building up more tension as it introduces a timer during which you have to complete the level before the time runs out. You may want to grab a friend as the game supports 2 players as well, and shared fun is double the fun, right? Each level gets progressively more complex and difficult as you progress, so remember to use your wits and quick-thinking ability to maneuver each level successfully to victory.

The play style is extremely simple as you only have to move, build and destroy ice blocks. Does your ice cream have what it takes to win?

What are the controls for Bad Ice-Cream?


You can only play the game using a PC. There are separate controls for each of the 2 players:

  • Player 1

Use the arrow keys to make the character move and the ‘Spacebar’ or return key to build blocks or destroy them.

  • Player 2

Use the ‘W, A, S, D’ keys to make the character move and the ‘F’ key to build

blocks or destroy them.



  • Play as a chunky ice cream in a cartoon-type graphic environment
  • 40 levels of enormous fun
  • Supports a 2-player format

Release date

March 2023


Nitrome Ltd



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