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Balls Lover Puzzle


Balls Lover Puzzle

Help a separated couple of overfed house cats snuggle again in Balls Lover Puzzle! Yes, these round cats do look so damn cute, but don’t let the cuteness overload deceive you — this is a very challenging brain game. Not only does it put your drawing skills to the test, but once the first line is drawn the law of gravity kicks in.

While the game design is quite simple, the physics behind it is thoroughly considered, which makes Balls Lover Puzzle one of the rare games you’d happily introduce your kid to.

How to play Balls Lover Puzzle

As mentioned, the objective of Balls Lover Puzzle is to make fur-ball cat lovers meet. At the beginning of most levels, these cupcakes will remain stationary, and the effects of gravity manifest only after you've drawn the first line.

The game does a great job of slowly introducing you to progressively more difficult challenges. Note that the line you’re drawing will be interrupted if it hits any obstacle, and this is particularly important for the first line you’ll draw. The number of lines you can use to solve each level is unlimited.

Keep in mind that all the lines you create are rigid objects, and use this to your advantage. As such, you can use them as building blocks to design a solution if you can locate sturdy support points for your creations. There’s usually more than one solution to each of the 360 available levels, so you won’t get bored playing this game any time soon!

What are the controls for Balls Lover Puzzle?

This amazing game is playable on both PC and mobile devices. Tap or click, then hold and move a mouse or your finger to draw.


  • Extraordinary educational brain game with up to 360 levels
  • Improves your drawing skills and teaches basic mechanics
  • Hilarious skins for the adorable ball cats

March 2023


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