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Game Break Your Brain preview
Game Break Your Brain preview

Break Your Brain

Break Your Brain

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Break Your Brain

Break Your Brain is an amazingly entertaining puzzle game that will put your brainpower to the ultimate test. To complete each level, you must think of the solution to the question at the top of your screen. The puzzles are quite challenging, and to solve each of them, a significant intellectual effort is required. Each of the 55 available levels demands a different approach, and you’ll often be rewarded for thinking outside the box. This beautifully designed educational game is a great brain exercise for adults and children alike. If you enjoy solving riddles, you’ll have a blast playing this one.

How to play Break Your Brain

If you don’t want to Break Your Brain entirely, a good starting point would be reading each assignment very carefully. Half of the answer is often hidden in plain sight, so take your time to fully comprehend the questions before you start looking for solutions. While certain levels are similar to some degree, each puzzle presents a unique challenge. You can move most objects on the screen, so play around with them while seeking the answer.

If you’re feeling stuck, you can always ask the game for help, but even hints are often pretty vague and only provide half the answer, which is a great thing for players who enjoy good mental exercise.

What are the controls for Break Your Brain?

This gorgeous brain game is playable for free on both PC and mobile devices. Tap or click, then hold and drag to manipulate objects on the screen. Click or tap on the question mark if a puzzle requires writing down the correct answer.


  • Entertaining brain game featuring a variety of tasks
  • Thinking outside the box is encouraged and rewarded
  • Up to 55 increasingly difficult problems to solve

Release date

March 2023




All devices


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