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Burger Mania


Burger Mania

Burger Mania will entice your everlasting love for the burger. In the game, you’ll be making a lot of burgers in a short period of time while steadily growing your list of ingredients. Prepare delicious burgers for your clients as per their preferences within the time limitations to keep them happy. So it’s time to prove your cooking skills and ensure that everyone in the city is a great fan of your burger!

How to play Burger Mania

You need to prepare a burger according to the preferences of the client, which you can find on the right side of the screen. Earn two to three stars by reacting quickly and safely handling onions, sauces, burger patties, meat, and lettuce. As you progress to the next levels, new ingredients and extra items are added, such as ice cream, juice, cola, and french fries. In the later levels, you are supposed to prepare delicious burgers with more ingredients within the same time limit. You’ll have to remake your burger if you choose the wrong ingredient, and it will result in a loss of rewards. So make sure not to disappoint your customers!

What are the controls for Burger Mania?

  • When using your smartphone, tap on the right ingredients to make the mouth-watering burger.
  • On the PC or laptop, the components for delicious burgers can be selected with a mouse click.


  • Numerous levels with various ingredients
  • Time limitations to keep you on your toes
  • Delicious graphics that’ll sure to make you hungry

March 2023


Cross platform