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Candy Clicker


Candy Clicker

Candy Clicker is an idle game for children and adults alike. Such apps are also called ‘clicker games’. To play, you do not need to perform many actions, repeatedly clicking on the screen is enough. In Candy Clicker, you need to click on the candy to earn even points. 

The game was created in 2020 in both web and mobile app formats, immediately becoming a hit among virtual candy lovers.

How to play Candy Clicker

You start small, and the process is fairly simple – you constantly need to click on a large candy with the left mouse button. As a result, more candies will be pouring out of it as if from a piñata. During the game, the number of candies acquired to pass to the next stage gradually increases. The game has a store where you can buy upgrades that will help you get even more ‘candy’. 

It helps a lot to stick with the game that success comes at once, reaching levels is quite easy, and there really is plenty of sweets. Kids love it! The application is frequently updated, which does not let the young candy hunters get bored. Note: the game also has automatic levels, where you do not need to click on the screen and earn candies. You can do absolutely nothing! 


  • The application weighs little enough, so you can play Candy Clicker from any available device 
  • Advertising here does not distract the players

August 2022


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