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Cargo Ship

Cargo Ship is an engrossing maritime game that can be played freely online. This captivating casual game leverages WebGL to ensure smooth gameplay across all modern browsers. Detailed keyboard and mouse controls add to the ease of play. In Cargo Ship, you step into the role of a trade ship driver, navigating expansive oceans and visiting real-world locations in America.

How to Play Cargo Ship?

As a trade ship driver in Cargo Ship, your mission is to steer through vast seas, engage in the buying and selling of cargo, explore secret areas, and hunt for valuable artifacts. Your journey is filled with various challenges and obstacles that will test your skills as a ship captain. You need to navigate dangerous waters, dodge storms, and outsmart rival traders to secure the best deals and maximize your profits. As you advance in the game, you unlock hidden areas, where you have the chance to discover rare artifacts, including the legendary Poseidon's trident.

What are the controls for Cargo Ship?

The controls for Cargo Ship involve the arrow keys or dragging the left mouse button.

On mobile devices, tap and hold on the screen.


  • Navigate through water using mouse controls on desktop or touch controls on mobile devices
  • Collect crates that serve as your cargo and deliver them to the barracks to trade them for gold
  • Purchase a new ship or restart the game if your current ship is damaged or trapped
  • Enjoy the scenic views while captaining your very own ship!

Release date

May 2023


GameOn Production KZ


All devices

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