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Color Tunnel 2

Color Tunnel 2 is an addicting family-friendly single player mini game, which is in a vibrant and breathtaking environment and consists of ‘pleasant to the ear’ music. The main goal of the game is to make the ball pass through the tunnel. As easy as it sounds, Color Tunnel 2 throws numerous obstacles, all different from the previous one, to make the ride hard for you. The game is recommended for any age group and is required to have a good hand eye coordination because with time, the ball keeps on moving faster and the obstacles keep on getting harder.

How to play Color Tunnel 2

After the game finishes loading, you will be introduced to the ball at the beginning of the tunnel. After the countdown ends the ball will proceed to move inside the tunnel at a decent speed. As with time you can see various unique obstacles coming towards you. You’ll have make the ball pass through the obstacles safely by moving the ball left or right. Remember that the slightest split second error will result in a restart! With time, you’ll notice that the ball will tend to move at a faster rate, requiring you to be more and more precise with each action you make.

However, the controls are simple and straightforward. You’ll be able to play the game on your PC as well your mobile device.

What are the controls for Color Tunnel 2?

When playing on your PC, use the arrow keys to move the ball sideways inside the tunnel

When playing on your mobile device, simply touch the ball and move your finger left or right to proceed.


  • A colorful atmosphere with pleasant music
  • Suitable for any age category
  • Easy controls
  • Satisfying gameplay

Release date

March 2023


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