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Game Disc Us preview
Game Disc Us preview

Disc Us

Disc Us

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Disc Us

Disc Us is an engaging game inspired by the popular Among Us, but it incorporates different mechanisms and unique gameplay styles. In this game, players are required to work collaboratively to survive in a challenging environment. One of the key aspects of Disc Us is that the game continues even after a player is killed or voted out, offering a dynamic and continuous play experience.

How to play Disc Us?

In Disc Us, players are divided into two main roles: Traitor Discs and Scientists. The objective for Traitor Discs is to sabotage the efforts of the Scientists by doing things like moving Oxygen Tanks away from their designated areas, hiding them, or transforming into a disc to eliminate other players. As for the Scientists, their task is to be quick in organizing and securing various items like Orbs and Oxygen Tanks in their proper places, while also managing tasks like disposing of trash.

Players need to be strategic and alert, constantly watching for suspicious activities to identify the Traitor Discs. A key element in the game is maintaining the oxygen level by properly managing the Oxygen Tanks. The game presents a mix of survival, strategy, and social deduction, making it a thrilling experience for players.

If you get suspicious of a player, call for a timeout. For this, you simply need to press the red button located in the Center Hub.

What are the controls for Disc Us?

  • WASD or Arrow Keys: Move
  • Space Bar: Interact


  • Online multiplayer gameplay
  • Social deduction elements
  • Continuous play even after being killed or voted out
  • Unique roles with specific objectives
  • Strategy and survival challenges
  • Inspired by Among Us with distinct gameplay twists

Release date

November 2020


Keybol & Mwaayk



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