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8.3(6 votes)


The rubber duckies are having the time of their life while racing down the water slides at DuckPark.io! Up to 10 players can partake in this epic competition, and whoever reaches the bathtub first is the winner. This competitive and fast-paced game is far from easy but is perfectly suitable for kids and adults alike.

There are six different rooms you’ll be able to race in, and to unlock these fresh challenges, you must achieve a couple of victories first. This is essentially a lane-racing game, but it comes with a couple of unique twists, so it’s anything but one-dimensional.

The graphics are colorful and won’t cause any eyestrain, despite the fast-paced gameplay. To spice things up, you can use the coins earned to unlock plenty of ingeniously designed attires for your duck racer.

How to play DuckPark.io

You can’t gain speed unless the rubber duck slides across the green forward-facing arrows, so make sure to choose an optimal route. Be careful while overtaking the opponents because bumping into them will slow you down. Similarly, move in a way to make them run into your tail when they’re trying to get ahead of you.

The crucial game mechanic is the spring trap that you’ll encounter occasionally. It launches your duckie into the air, and you can use this in ingenious ways to skip vast sections of the stage and gain the upper hand.

What are the controls for DuckPark.io?

You can play DuckPark.io on both PC and mobile devices. Click and hold, then drag or use the left or right arrow keys to slide the rubber duck while playing on PC. If playing on mobile, simply swipe to control the duckie’s movement.


  • A glorious water slide rubber duck racing game 
  • Great entertainment for kids and adults alike
  • Plenty of skins to unlock and 6 unique stages

Release date

July 2021




All devices


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