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Family Farm

Owning a small Family Farm and cultivating your plot of land is a dream of many people living in big cities and other urban settlements. It's high time to break away from the suffocating and stressful city life and enjoy some quality time in nature while working in the fertile fields. Grow organic Crops, take care of your Livestock, and buy new plots of land to expand your country estate.

The great thing about farming simulators is that you don't have to look after your crops and animals constantly. Even when you're offline, your farm will thrive and earn money for you to invest the next time you decide to come back. Unlike IRL farming, it's quite easy, and more importantly, your back won't hurt from all the hard labor.

How to play Family Farm

In your humble beginning, you’ll work a single plot of land. The farm will develop quickly, and you’ll be able to acquire additional fertile squares, plant different Crops and also buy Livestock. Besides organic veggies and tomatoes, you can also purchase chickens, horses, hogs, cows, and a couple of other farm animals.

Each new plot of land costs exponentially more than the previous one, so to get the maximum profit on a limited farming area, you’ll have to improve your current yields. You can do this by clicking on the leaf on the right side of your screen, below the $ icon.

What are the controls for Family Farm?

You can play Family Farm on mobile and PC devices alike. Tap or click to explore the interface, buy or sell crops and animals, purchase additional plots of land, and improve the existing yields.


  • Isometric 2D farming simulator
  • Relaxing idle gameplay featuring offline money earning
  • Plenty of different crops to plant and livestock to keep
  • Eye-catching graphics and uplifting music

Release date

December 2021




All devices

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