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Idle Lumber Inc


Idle Lumber Inc

Idle Lumber Inc is an addicting idle game. Build your lumber empire from scratch in this exciting game! Develop your production line, recruit staff, and enhance your facilities to become the top lumber magnate!

How to play Idle Lumber Inc?

Idle Lumber Inc is an easy game to play. Start off by following the instructions of your secretary, she’ll help you become acquainted with the factory workers and order the necessary equipment you’ll need to get started. Now, you’re going to need to start saving money to upgrade your workers and equipment. Make sure you’re also spending on vehicles to help improve the logistics of your factory. It’s essential that you’re constantly upgrading and enhancing your production lines if you plan on building a lumber empire.


As it’s an idle game, your factory keeps on running even when you’re not playing. Use this to your advantage to generate money for new and better equipment. Ensure that your truck drivers aren’t slacking off by checking up on them routinely. Once you unlock the canting machine, you can start sending out shipments of your timber. Choose the client which pays the most in gold and biz points. Biz points can be exchanged to hire managers for the factory. Managers make your work very easy, they’re responsible for motivating your workers and making sure the process runs smoothly!

What are the controls for Idle Lumber Inc?

The controls for Idle Lumber Inc are simple. On desktop, just point and click at the required worker, equipment or vehicle to upgrade them.

If you’re playing on mobile, you’ll have to tap on the workers, equipment or vehicles to select them.


  • Idle game! Your factor keeps running even when you’re not playing!
  • Expansive upgrades! Expand your factory and hire managers to help smooth the process of building your empire!
  • Casual game! Idle Lumber Inc has an elegant simplicity that makes it perfect for casual gamers or those looking for a quick and easy distraction.

March 2022


Cross platform