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Idle Survival

Idle Survival is a unique first-person RPG game in which you’ll play a wide variety of beautifully designed mini-games to stay alive on a deserted isle. Gather materials to craft up to 12 unique items, each enabling you to engage in additional fun activities. Even simply chopping wood feels so good in this game, and it's only one of many great aspects of it. The main protagonist seems to be enjoying himself, and the entire atmosphere the gameplay revolves around puts you in a really comfy and pleasant mood. Maybe being stranded on a tiny isle in the middle of nowhere wouldn't be such a horrible experience after all?

How to play Idle Survival

To stay alive on a deserted island, you must hunt for food, collect resources, keep your character healthy, and build stuff. There are several fun activities to try out in each of the four basic game menus. At the very top of your screen, you'll be able to see whether your character is starving or requires medical attention.

Lumber is the only building material available, and you’ll use it to craft a dozen useful items. You can build animal traps, set up a tent, produce clothes, and also craft new weapons that will enable you to hunt bigger game. After you’ve taken care of all the basic needs, you can create additional luxury items to keep your character entertained.

What are the controls for Idle Survival?

Idle Survival is playable on mobile and PC devices alike. Tap or use the left mouse button and follow the instructions to complete each of the unique mini-games.


  • A chill guy stranded on a deserted isle
  • First-person survival RPG
  • Dozens of entertaining and uniquely designed mini-games

Release date

August 2022


Bermuda Games


All devices

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