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Neon Cube Escape - story pixel avoid-em-up


Neon Cube Escape - story pixel avoid-em-up

Neon Cube Escape is a puzzle adventure game. It is basically an escape challenge involving boss battles with shapes and beats. Different characters are in need of your help to save their world. As you play, you must reach the crystal without touching the surface of boundaries or other sharp edges. And it’s not as easy as it seems. You’ll need to focus to solve the puzzles and reach the crystal.

How to play Neon Cube Escape

When you touch the "Play" button in the menu, you’re introduced to a game bot named Kai, who asks for your help. This game’s main villain is a virus known as Rick that seeks to destroy the game. The bot asks for your help to obtain a crystal that can defeat the virus. In order to get to that crystal, you’ve got to pass through a number of challenging levels. To clear a level, you have to guide your avatar to reach the crystal while avoiding walls and obstacles.

As soon as you touch the surface of the boundary, you’re destroyed and will need to start over. You will also encounter objects moving in your path to stop you from reaching the crystal. Therefore, you have to be very careful while moving.

What are the controls of Neon Cube Escape?

The controls of Neon Cube Escape are kept as simple as possible. On the desktop, you’ve got to click the left mouse button to move your avatar and avoid hitting walls and obstacles. On the other hand, on a smartphone, you can touch and drag your cube across the path. You need to pay attention to the narrow paths with sharp edges!


  • Challenging puzzles and levels
  • Smooth gameplay with the old-school feel
  • Engaging characters
  • Playable on both platforms

March 2023


Cross platform