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In the mood to take your word game to the next level and improve your vocabulary? Then look no further than Outspell, the game that is very similar to the classic SCRABBLE.

How to play Outspell?

Outspell is a free online word game that comes with super simple instructions. As in Scrabble, you only need to unscramble the letters to make a word. The real fun begins when the players start racking up bonus points for different letters.

That’s not all; Outspell comes with multiple difficulty levels.

Easy - The first one is the easy level, where you have letters from which you can make many words. This level also makes you aware of the game’s basics, which aren’t that difficult to grasp. Once you get a hold of making words, you kick it up a notch.

Medium - After the easy level, you have the medium level, which isn’t as simple as easy. More convenient letters aren’t around anymore, and you’ll have to start coming up with a bit more complex words. If the easy level was a piece of cake for you, then this is where you start enjoying the game. If you’re good with words, this might also feel like a manageable level for you! But worry not, as we have the boss level coming up!

Expert - Finally, the expert level is for those who want a real challenge in Outspell to form words. You won’t be getting too many vowels here, so you need to be pretty creative in your knowledge of the English language. This is what a real Scrabble challenge looks like, so are you up for it?

What are the controls for Outspell?

For the desktop version, you must use your mouse to click on the letters to form words.

The mobile version is also pretty straightforward because it involves tapping on the screen and rearranging letters. Easy is as easy does!


  1. Different letters are assigned for bonus points, and if you end up making words from those letters, more points will be added to your total score!
  2. Those triple words end up in a bigger bonus that contributes to your personal best.
  3. Speaking of personal best, the quicker you complete the level in, the better your personal best is going to be. So make sure to keep an eye on your high score tracker.

Release date

April 2020




All devices

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