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Pop It Master


Pop It Master

Pop It Master is an engaging and relaxing arcade game. Destress by popping the bubbles and have a blast!


How to play Pop It Master?

Pop it Master is an easy game to play. Its simplicity and addictive gameplay make it accessible to players of all ages and skill levels, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a fun and straightforward game to play. The game has eight collections with different shapes and ten levels in each collection. You’ll have to pop all the bubbles in these eighty levels to unlock secret mode.

The secret mode you unlock after completing eighty levels is an endless mode. The toys keep respawning for you to pop and relieve your stress. A tip to complete the levels quickly is to find a rhythm. In levels where the bubbles are spread out, try popping them in a clockwise fashion. When the bubbles are more concentrated and in lines and rows, pop them diagonally.

What are the controls for Pop It Master?

Pop It Master is available on mobile and desktop. The controls are simple to understand for both.

When playing on desktop, use your mouse to navigate the menu and choose the collection you want to try out. Then, use your left mouse button to pop the air bubbles at each level.

On mobile, touch to select the collection you wish to play in. To progress, you’re going to have press all the bumps to open the next toy.


  • Simple controls. Controls for Pop It Master are user-friendly and straightforward, requiring players only to click or tap on the bubbles to pop them.
  • Endless mode. Once you complete all the levels in the different collections, you unlock endless mode. Here you can pop the bubbles in toys to your heart’s desire
  • Vibrant graphics! A notable feature of the game is its vibrant and colorful graphics, which create an enjoyable and playful aesthetic. 

July 2021

Rad Brothers

Cross platform