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Game Puzzle Math preview
Game Puzzle Math preview

Puzzle Math

Puzzle Math

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Puzzle Math

Whoever thinks math is boring hasn’t tried playing Puzzle Math yet! It's another fun day at school, and all the kids are jolly about mastering basic mathematical operations. Today we'll practice addition and subtraction in an entertaining way. Answering correctly will be a single step to completing a cartoon-styled puzzle featuring various cute animals in their natural habitats. There are Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulties, each featuring up to 5 unique puzzles for both basic arithmetic operations. Mathematics is just like playing a musical instrument — if you’re willing to put in the work, it goes smoothly and becomes quite enjoyable.

How to play Puzzle Math

The good thing about math is that it’s right — it’s right — regardless of anyone’s opinion. It’s a universal language. For this reason, mastering it is crucial, as it’s the mother of most natural sciences. None of the modern physics, chemistry, or any type of engineering would exist if there wasn’t for math.

In this educational game, you don’t have to give the correct answer every time, but you have a set amount of tries shown as lives in the upper left corner. If you're adding double-digit numbers, the easiest way to do it is by adding the ones together first. If the sum of ones is bigger than 10, add tens together and increase the sum of tens by one. Easy!

What are the controls for Puzzle Math?

You can play Puzzle Math on both mobile and PC devices. Tap or click on the correct answer to solve a piece of the puzzle.


  • Educational math game for kids
  • Basic arithmetic operations practice
  • Cartoon-styled puzzles featuring cute animals
  • Three available difficulties

Release date

April 2022


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