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Game Riddle Transfer 2 preview

Riddle Transfer 2

Riddle Transfer 2

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Riddle Transfer 2

Riddle Transfer 2 is the sequel to the popular browser-based puzzle adventure game, Riddle Transfer. The game continues the story of Phil Eggtree and his friends as they attempt to escape from the mysterious facility they are trapped in.

How to play Riddle Transfer 2?

In Riddle Transfer 2, you will navigate through a series of rooms within the facility, solving puzzles to progress. Begin by clicking around the room to investigate objects and gather items. Each item you collect can be used to interact with other objects or characters. You must use your wits and logic to decipher the clues and solve the puzzles.

The game involves various challenges, including finding codes to unlock doors, combining items to create new tools, and figuring out the correct sequence of actions to proceed. Pay close attention to details in your surroundings, as they often hold the key to solving the puzzles.

What are the controls for Riddle Transfer 2?

  • Mouse: Click to interact with objects and navigate through the game
  • Inventory: Click on the inventory items to select and use them
  • Dialogue options: Click on dialogue choices to interact with characters


  • Fun puzzle-solving gameplay
  • Point-and-click mechanics
  • Intriguing storyline continuation from the original Riddle Transfer
  • Humorous and quirky characters
  • Detailed hand-drawn art style
  • Multiple rooms and puzzles to explore

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Release date

June 2024





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