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SmileyWorld Match

SmileyWorld Match is a match-3 game featuring vivid graphics and up to 500 uniquely designed levels. At each level, you’re tasked with collecting a predetermined number of specific items. All the tiles have cheerful smiles on their faces, fruits, nuts, and fishes alike. Matching more than 3 identical tiles together will create special smileys, each having unique effects. You can even combine any of the special tiles together and clear the board spectacularly. This enjoyable and relaxing game will surely put a smile on your face!

How to play SmileyWorld Match

Be on the lookout for the 3+ matching possibilities at all times. The special smileys are no joke and provide fantastic board-clearing possibilities. If you match 4 tiles in a row, you’ll create a lightning smiley capable of destroying an entire row or column. Note that if you match tiles horizontally, the lightning triggers vertically, and vice versa. Matching 4 items in a square formation will create a love smiley. Once used, this handsome devil will clear adjacent tiles in a cross-like shape. To activate each of the special tiles, you can either double-click/tap on it or swap with any adjacent item to achieve the desired effect.

The more, the merrier — matching 5 identical tiles grants you even more powerful abilities. If you manage to match 5 blocks in L or T shape, you’ll acquire a bubble-gum smiley. Activating it triggers a bomb-like effect. Finally, combining 5 in a row or column rewards you with a rainbow smiley. Swap it with any adjacent tile to clear all of its kind from the board.

What are the controls for SmileyWorld Match?

SmileyWorld Match is playable on both PC and mobile devices alike. Tap or click, then hold and drag to create triplets.


  • Swap adjacent tiles to match triplets
  • Create special smileys by matching more than 3 tiles
  • Combine special tiles together for awesome and unique effects

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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