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0 is an addicting action-fish game. Puncture your opponents and rise to the leaderboards in this game!

How to play is an easy game to play. Start as a shark and stab your opponents with the tusks attached to your head. As you progress and get more kills, you’ll unlock skins, weapons, hats, and masks. Hats and Masks do not affect your gameplay and do not provide any advantage but skins and weapons do.


The skins you apply can determine your playstyle. Some skins give you a speed advantage while some give you a damage boost. Unlock all of them and choose whichever suits your play style. You can also change your weapons. The weapons you have equipped determine the total amount of damage you can do. Keep this in mind when selecting your weapons as the more damage you do determines how faster you can eliminate your opponents.


The best strategy for playing is to attack your opponents head-on. Wait for when they’re in your line of sight and just boost towards them. This allows you to gain the most points and rack up kills quickly!

What are the controls for

On desktops, use your mouse to guide your fish toward the opponents and press the left mouse button to boost.

On mobile, use the joystick to move your fish and then tap on the screen to boost your fish.


  • Unique gameplay! is a unique game! Use the weapons attached to the top of your head to take down your opponents!
  • Personalization! Equip unique masks and hats to make your aquatic creature truly yours!
  • Casual game! is a chill game! You don’t have to constantly think of strategies and plan out your every move. Simply hit your opponents to take them down and have a blast!

January 2020

Zytech AI

Cross platform