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Are you perhaps a strategic genius? State.io is here to show your prowess both tactical and strategic skills hidden inside you!

How to play State.io?

State.io is a browser-based strategy game where you seek to defeat your enemy as you expand over the states of the world. Each level is based on states all over the world, ranging from the United States to South America, and further on. Your enemy will steadily increase in difficulty.

Understanding when to commit your forces to either capture, dislodge, or reinforce your captured regions is the key to victory and triumph against the enemy!

1.   Capturing States – The main goal of the campaign, it also serves as an expansion for your forces in order to defeat the enemy. The enemy may send their own forces to capture them while you’re on your way, which serves as a good deciding factor on who captures that specific state.

2.   Opponents – As you progress, your enemy becomes stronger and steadily increases in number later on. You’ll have to compete with multiple players at once, but they aren’t exactly friendly with one another, so you can use their own conflicts to launch your own opportunity to take over!

3.   Upgrades – You earn coins throughout the campaign which lets you access upgrades for your starting army, army generation speed, and offline coins gain. These can serve you well as it can help you defeat your enemies faster, or meet them in the field without being caught off-guard.

What are the controls for State.io?

  • Use the Left Mouse Button to select a state and drag it towards your target to launch an attack.
  • You can drag it as well over at friendly states captured by you to launch multiple units at once—ideal to overwhelm the field if needed be.
  • For mobile, this interaction can be done by touching the specific state, with the same application.


  • Campaign Map - Ranges from several parts of the world, with states based around national states of the regions involved. These lets you obtain a secure expansion to your side away from the enemy, or potential clash-points for an opponent.
  • 1-1 advantage – The game itself is based around a 1-to-1 ratio for engagement, meaning that you can effectively capture a state with an engagement of 15-10, but keep in mind how fast their army grows in the region, or if they’re obtaining reinforcements.
  • Field Engagements – You can intercept the enemy without waiting for them to reach your state, by directly attacking where they came from. Once your army meets them in the field, it becomes a battle of quantity whether or not you or the enemy will come out of top!

Release date

October 2020




All devices

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