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Evolve into the of your dreams! Scour the playing field for energy orbs, then upgrade with superhero kills to make your own stronger.

How to Play

Begin as Captain America, moving quickly in a fast-paced action game with your shield at the ready. Steer clear of other superheroes until you have gathered enough energy orbs for a evolution.

When you’re ready, strike!

Slaughter other superhero players to gain their energy and upgrade your own. Kills are worth life points, which you will need for stat upgrade. As you evolve, your superhero becomes bigger and more powerful. Cycle through a list of popular superheroes (and a few supervillains) until you’ve achieved ultimate superhero status.

This superhero game requires strategic thinking and tactical skills. If you attack too early, you die and have to start over from the base character. Bide your time to collect orbs until you have enough energy to steal another superhero’s life points and fight for your own evolution.

Remember, other superheroes have the same objective. There’s no such thing as friendly fire in this fast-paced action game.

What are the Controls for

Use your computer mouse or tap on your mobile devices screen to control where your superhero moves on the playing field.

The left mouse button will swing your weapon in an attack. The right mouse button allows your superhero to sprint away from danger or towards an opponent.

Features & Tips

  • Use custom superhero abilities to score double, triple, and quadruple kills for more life points
  • Evolve through at least 30 different superhero or supervillain characters, including favorites like Black Panther, The Incredible Hulk, and Spiderman
  • Check the hero’s manual for a record of kills, energy orbs, life points, and evolutions
  • Utilize life points to upgrade your superhero’s speed, attacks, and skills. Climb the stats to create a stronger, more powerful character

March 2023


Cross platform