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Zombie Crusher

Protect yourself and the terrified survivors from the endless swarm of the risen dead in Zombie Crusher! This fast-paced 2D survival shooter will certainly increase your adrenaline levels. If you allow three zombies to reach you, the game is over. You must aim carefully and think clearly, which is easier said than done in a frenzied survival state of mind.


Eliminating zombies emits a satisfying squashing sound, so this game will make you a bit trigger-happy. Shooting down innocent survivors will happen surprisingly often, and this will also end your playthrough. To set higher scores and unlock all three stages available, you must remain focused on both fast shooting and split-second decision-making.

How to play Zombie Crusher

The optimal way to stay alive for as long as possible is to deal with the ever-growing zombie horde as soon as they appear on your screen, but there's a catch. Using this method extensively largely increases the chances of friendly fire, as you'll start shooting at anything that appears automatically.

Your shots will hit more than a single target if NPCs happen to cross paths. This can be used to your advantage, but also be your downfall if you get distracted. Certain zombie types require more than a single shot to eliminate.

Don’t give up even if you’ve missed a few zombies, you have three lives, after all. To regain control when you’re feeling overwhelmed, focus on killing the closest zombies first, and work on clearing the stage from bottom to top.


What are the controls for Zombie Crusher?

You can become the Zombie Crusher on both mobile and PC. Tap or click to squash zombies.


  • Adrenaline-packed 2D survival shooter
  • Squashing zombies feels just right
  • Catchy, fast-paced endless gameplay
  • Split-second decision-making and fine motor skills exercise

Release date

February 2022




All devices

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