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2K Shoot

2K Shoot is an amazing bubble-shooter game with a unique twist. Each differently colored bubble has a number on it. When two identical bubbles collide, they’ll merge, doubling the value. This means you can’t clear the board simply by putting two and two together, and you need to seek inventive ways to survive for as long as possible. Place the numbers in an ascending order to create awesome chain reactions once the opportunity arises.

How to play 2K Shoot

If there are multiple bubbles of the same value lined up, once you place a proper shot, all will be destroyed but the very furthest one. The sum of two merged numbers will take its place. This is the game mechanic you have to account for when attempting to clear the board efficiently, as it will create opportunities to get rid of large bubble clusters by cutting off their anchor.

Aim assist is always on, so you won’t have any trouble placing the perfect shots, which allows you to focus solely on the simple math behind the game. Once you create the 2K bubble, it will blow up, but it will take quite a few shots to get there. You can switch the number you’re about to shoot for the one next to it if you find it more suitable in the current situation. There are also 3 special shots available to help you get out of sticky situations.

What are the controls for 2K Shoot?

2K Shoot is playable on both PC and mobile devices. Tap or click, hold and drag to aim, then finally release to shoot the bubble.


  • A relaxing bubble shooter featuring unique and endless gameplay
  • The exact numbers merge, doubling the value
  • Creative and complex board-clearing methods

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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