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Game Air Traffic Control preview
Game Air Traffic Control preview

Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Control

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Air Traffic Control

If you have ever wondered how hard it is to work for Air Traffic Control, this relaxing 2D simulation game allows you to experience all the pleasures without the stress of this very responsible calling. You’re tasked with picking up incoming aircraft as soon as possible and drawing the unobstructed trajectory toward the landing strip. There are a total of 5 zones for you to test your flight dispatching skills, and picking the correct route for each aircraft approaching a busy airport quickly becomes quite challenging.

How to play Air Traffic Control

Each plane or helicopter appearing near the airport has a designated landing strip. It’s very important to pick the aircraft and figure out each landing trajectory as soon as possible. Before entering the airspace you control, the "!" sign will indicate the direction of the incoming flight, so use this information to prepare a safe route.

If a collision is imminent, you can retake control of the flights and set a different course, provided you’re quick enough. Be aware of the speed of each approaching aircraft and the distance they’ll travel toward the strip to calculate smooth landings. After successfully landing 20, 40, 60, and 80 planes, you’ll unlock up to four new zones, each posing different challenges.

What are the controls for Air Traffic Control?

Essentially, Air Traffic Control is a drawing game, playable on both PC and mobile devices. Tap or click on an aircraft to gain control, then hold and drag to draw its trajectory. To change the flight path, click on the plane or helicopter again, and redraw its course.


  • Become an air traffic controller and guide aircraft to the landing strips
  • Pick up aircraft as they appear and draw a safe landing route for each
  • Land as many aircraft without collisions to unlock up to 4 new zones

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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