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Game Amazing Crime Strange Stickman preview
Game Amazing Crime Strange Stickman preview

Amazing Crime Strange Stickman

Amazing Crime Strange Stickman

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Amazing Crime Strange Stickman

Playing Amazing Crime Strange Stickman feels like the good old GTA days with all the cheats enabled. Your epic stickman character can even fire laser beams out of his eyes, so do the cops really stand a chance? As if this didn’t make you feel extremely powerful already, the protagonist can shoot ropes and climb buildings Spiderman-style.

With great power comes great responsibility, and you don’t have to use it all to dismantle the law enforcement in this game, but also peacefully complete quests and serve the community. The city is pretty big and desperately needs a hero. Regardless of the path you choose, the gameplay is captivating, and you’ll enjoy every minute spent playing.

How to play Amazing Crime Strange Stickman

This game doesn’t hold your hand, so you’re free to enjoy it without any restraints. You can steal vehicles, attack cops, or explore the big city and complete missions like a law-abiding citizen. The minimap will help you find points of interest, such as shops, garages, and quest-givers. There are plenty of ways to earn cash, and you can later use it to purchase a variety of weapon and armor upgrades.

What are the controls for Amazing Crime Strange Stickman?

You can currently play this awesome third-person action-adventure exclusive in a PC browser. All the controls for Amazing Crime Strange Stickman are shown in the list below:

  • Move/drive — WASD or arrow keys
  • Fire weapon/punch — left mouse button
  • Fire lasers — right mouse button
  • Shoot rope — Q
  • Open/enter vehicle — F
  • Jump — space
  • Sprint — left Shift
  • Swap weapons — X
  • Throw grenade — G
  • Swap grenades — Z
  • Open garage — T
  • Open shop — R
  • Change camera (while driving) — C


  • A GTA-styled third-person action shooter/adventure
  • Stickman protagonist with superhero abilities
  • Paths of crime or justice to embark on

Release date

November 2018





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