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Bob the Robber 2

The modern-day Robin Hood is on a noble quest to overturn the corrupt government and he won’t hesitate resorting to stealing valuable information for the greater good in Bob the Robber 2! Just as our protagonist thought he could get back to the casual no-crime lifestyle, he’s stunned by the news and must take immediate action.

In this extraordinary 2D stealth game, you’ll break into various establishments in an attempt to retrieve precious items guarded by watchmen, cameras, dogs, and even robots. Incapacitate the security systems and sneak around multi-floor buildings without getting caught while solving a variety of interesting logical puzzles.

How to play Bob the Robber 2

In each level, arrows are pointing at the item you need to steal, so missing the objective is nigh impossible. Keep in mind that after you’ve gotten your sneaky hands on it, you must go back and escape the current stage to avoid getting caught.

The gameplay is fairly simple in the beginning and gradually becomes more complex as you progress through the game. The informative in-game tips provide quick insights into newly introduced game mechanics, so be sure to read them.

What are the controls for Bob the Robber 2?

Bob the Robber feels great in a PC browser, but you can play it for free on mobile web as well.

Tap left or right near Bob to move left or right on mobile, and tap on Bob to search for loot hidden in the nearby objects, whack the guards with a club, and perform other actions.

Use the WASD keys to move on the PC, the Spacebar to interact with objects and incapacitate guards, and the Z, X, and C keys to use the purchased Gadgets.


  • An extraordinary 2D stealth puzzle action
  • Eye-catching graphics, awesome animations
  • Entertaining and gradually more complex gameplay
  • Concise and informative in-game tips

Release date

December 2018




All devices

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