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Bricks Breaker


Bricks Breaker

Bricks Breaker is an addicting arcade game! Shoot your ball and break blocks in this fun-filled game!

How to play Bricks Breaker?

Bricks Breaker is a straightforward game. Starting off there are two modes:

1. Endless Mode

As the name suggests, endless mode is without any end. Blocks keep respawning and you have to keep destroying them by shooting your ball. It’s an excellent way to get the hang of the game before diving into it. Go ahead and understand how the game’s mechanics work then proceed to the second mode.

2. Levels Mode

This is where the actual game begins. Earn stars by beating levels to be able to access more packs. During a level you can check the number of steps you’ve taken on the top left of the screen, the lesser steps you’ve taken the easier it is for you to earn all three stars.


In Bricks Breaker, you can also use powerups available on the bottom of the screen, these can be very helpful in case when in a pinch. The one with the lightning icon reduces the strength of the block allowing you to destroy them easier. The other boost increases the number of balls you have at your disposal. Both of these are really helpful boosts that can pave your path to victory.


What are the controls for Bricks Breaker?

The controls for Bricks Breaker are really simple. On desktops, you press and hold your left mouse button to aim at the blocks and then release it to shoot your ball at them. On mobile devices, you can use the control bar on the bottom of the screen to aim and shoot the blocks.



  • Simplistic design! Bricks Breaker is designed very simply, you use a ball to shoot blocks that spawn.
  • Endless fun! There are over a thousand different levels in Bricks Breaker, all for you to try out and beat.
  • A unique arcade experience! Unlike other arcade games, Bricks Breaker doesn’t keep repeating the same thing over and over again. It is a truly special gaming experience for the player.

March 2023


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