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Game Bubble Fall preview
Game Bubble Fall preview

Bubble Fall

Bubble Fall

Theatre mode
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Bubble Fall

Bubble Fall is an inventive bubble shooter game that adds a unique twist to the classic gameplay. Set in a vibrant, forested environment, the game features a wooden suspension bridge lined with interconnected spheres. Your objective is to shoot at these spheres, arranged in different patterns, using a golden, laser-guided targeting line. The game offers a satisfying mix of strategy and skill, enhanced by pleasant audio effects and visually appealing design.

How to play Bubble Fall?

Clear the entire screen before the bubbles touch the bottom. Pop groups of 3 or more same-colored bubbles to eliminate them. Act quickly and aim precisely to prevent the bubbles from reaching the baseline.

You may be familiar with the classic bubble shooter mechanics. This version adds the challenge of continuously moving bubbles descending towards the line. Swift and accurate shots are crucial to progress through each level and advance as far as possible. Fire colored bubbles, swap your ammo, and shoot bombs when available.

What are the controls for Bubble Fall?

Desktop Controls:

  • Mouse to aim
  • Left mouse button: Click to shoot the bubble. Click above the ring to swap projectiles

Mobile Controls:

  • Touchscreen/Trackpad: Slide your finger or stylus to align the laser
  • Tap: Tap the screen to shoot the bubble. Tap above the ring area to swap projectiles


  • Unique puzzle gameplay on a wooden suspension bridge
  • Golden, laser-guided targeting for precision shooting
  • Pleasant audio effects with each bubble pop
  • Variety of boosters like bombs and rockets for enhanced gameplay
  • Visually appealing design and forested environment setting
  • Engaging strategy elements for clearing large groups of bubbles

Release date

April 2023




All devices

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