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Game Can Your Pet? preview
Game Can Your Pet? preview

Can Your Pet?

Can Your Pet?

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8.9(19 votes)

Can Your Pet?

Can Your Pet starts off as a seemingly innocent pet care simulation where you feed, clean, and interact with a cute young chick. However, the game is known for its unexpectedly dark twist, turning it into a notorious shock game that's not recommended for the younger audience.

How to play Can Your Pet?

In Can Your Pet, you start by naming and customizing your pet chick. You engage in various activities such as feeding, washing, and playing with your pet. The gameplay is straightforward: you click and drag objects to interact with your pet, fill its needs, and keep it happy. Activities include feeding your chick by dragging food to it until a meter is filled, washing it with a dragged shower head, and playing soccer with it by tossing a ball that it head-butts away. The game progresses as you unlock new interactions and care options, leading to the game's notorious conclusion.

What are the controls for Can Your Pet?

  • Click and drag to interact with objects and care for your chick
  • Click on the soccer ball to play with your pet


  • Customization options for your pet
  • Variety of care activities like feeding, washing, and playing
  • Simple, point-and-click interface
  • Surprising and dark comedic twist

Release date

March 2010





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