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Christmas Bridge Runner


Christmas Bridge Runner

Guide the blue stickman through a series of platforms in Christmas Bridge Runner and collect as many Christmas socks as possible to reach the top before your rivals. You’re up against 5 NPCs of different colors, and each of you must collect matching socks on the ground. You’ll use them as building blocks for bridges to reach the higher planes. The winner of this entertaining 3D running game is whoever gets to the highest platform before the opponents.

How to play Christmas Bridge Runner

A good start is very important if you want to win in Christmas Bridge Runner. Try to amass a formidable stack while avoiding the competition. If you have collected more socks than the enemy, you can bully them quite effectively, and doing this is quite entertaining, to say the least.

Run into your rivals to knock them out and loot the unclaimed goodies. When a collision eventually happens, the stickman with fewer socks drops them, and they become gray and available for anyone to take. Consequently, avoid clashing with opponents when they’re stronger, as they’ll overpower you and steal your stack.

If you’re able to assert dominance on a current platform, you can control the bridge entrances easily and obstruct the progress of your rivals. Finally, once your stack is big enough, build a bridge toward a higher platform and break away from the competition in epic fashion.

What are the controls for Christmas Bridge Runner?

You can play this entertaining game for free on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap, then hold and drag to move the blue stickman.


  • Stickman running 3D platform game
  • Christmas socks act as building blocks for bridges
  • The winner is whoever reaches the highest platform first

March 2023


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