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Game Clash of Trivia preview
Game Clash of Trivia preview

Clash of Trivia

Clash of Trivia

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Clash of Trivia

Test your knowledge of sports, geography, history, and a variety of different subjects against brainiacs worldwide in Clash of Trivia — a dramatic and educational quiz game! There are 10 rounds of questions and 4 proposed answers for each of them — pick the correct one before the time runs out! You should put your thinking hat on and try it out yourself!

How to play Clash of Trivia

This game requires you to think and act fast due to the tight time limitations for each round of questions. Try to read the questions and suggested answers as quickly as possible, thus saving up precious seconds to figure out the correct one. It is essential to comprehend the questions quickly, so when you’re uncertain about the answer, you have enough time to narrow down the choice by using the elimination system — discarding the answers which certainly are incorrect. Some of the questions are in the domain of common knowledge, while others are quite tricky, and it is really difficult to reach a perfect score every time.

Once you select the wrong answer, game developers rightfully decide not to highlight the correct one. You're encouraged to do your research for the questions you got wrong, expanding your knowledge and learning new and interesting things. Clash of Trivia is an outright educational game in which you get to showcase and expand your proficiency in a variety of scientific fields, thus growing as an individual.

How can I get better at Clash of Trivia?

Just like in any quiz, Clash of Trivia is a knowledge competition. You should remain curious, read, and constantly seek answers. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new, and the knowledge you’ve acquired will slowly but surely build up.


  • Test your knowledge against other players worldwide
  • Time-limited educational quiz game
  • Play against friends

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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