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Cool Archer


Cool Archer

Cool Archer is an arcade shooting game where you can practice your aim and archery skills. The target’s surface is divided into sections, and the closer to the center you hit, the more points you’ll get. The game will become more challenging with each stage, requiring you to deal with tougher challenges, such as moving targets and stronger winds.

This game is intuitive and fun to play, letting you fully immerse yourself. To land a bullseye, you need to know when to strike. So, timing and accuracy are essential.

How to Play Cool Archer

To play Cool Archer, tap on "Play." Once you have entered the main menu, you’ll need to register yourself by entering a nickname so your score can be saved. This is an endless game with unlimited levels, so you can keep on trying to beat your previous record as long as you are hitting the target. On each try, you are given 3 arrows to take your shots, and you have around 10 seconds to hit the target. If you miss, you’ll lose one of your turns.

What are the controls of Cool Archer?

Cool Archer is playable on both computers and smartphones. Before you begin playing the game, the instructions are displayed on the mobile screen. You can draw the bow by tapping and holding. As soon as you lift your finger, the arrow will be fired. The controls are pretty much the same on PC, here you’ll draw and aim with the help of your mouse. Hold the left mouse button to aim and release it to let the arrow fly.


  • Intensification of challenges
  • Unlimited levels
  • Pretty 3D graphics

October 2022


Cross platform

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