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Game Crazy Tunnel 3D preview
Game Crazy Tunnel 3D preview

Crazy Tunnel 3D

Crazy Tunnel 3D

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9.2(39 votes)

Crazy Tunnel 3D

Brace yourselves for a trippy ride down a dizzying outer space roller coaster in Crazy Tunnel 3D! This game isn't for everyone, really, but it will definitely put your hand-eye coordination to the ultimate test. You'll be controlling a planet rolling down a steep slope, and the objective is to avoid all the obstacles along the way. The mind-bending background themes won't make this task any easier, nor will the challenging and fast-paced level design. There are up to 3 Orbits you can traverse: Sun, Nebula, and Dark Moon, each featuring unique and bold designs! The basic game mechanics are well explained to you at the Tutorial level, but playing the real deal is often arduous, and progression requires persistence.

How to play Crazy Tunnel 3D

The objective is to avoid all the obstacles you encounter in each stage. The rolling planet picks up speed as you progress through the level, so it's very important to react quickly. Try to collect as much information about the obstacles you're approaching as soon as possible and plan a few moves ahead.

The stages are randomly generated, therefore, you're presented with a unique challenge on each try. While the gameplay may seem overwhelming at first, after some practice and getting used to the flashy graphics, it becomes highly enjoyable.

What are the controls for Crazy Tunnel 3D?

Crazy Tunnel 3D is playable on both mobile and PC devices. On mobile, touch and hold to fly, and tap left or right to switch lanes. Use your arrow keys to control the rolling planet if you’re playing on a PC.


  • Flashy space-themed 3D graphics
  • A wild ride down a trippy slope
  • Challenging gameplay designed to improve your hand-eye coordination

Release date

May 2022


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