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Cubefield is a fast-paced survival racing game. You won't have a specific running character to control, and the gameplay design is also unlikely to surprise you with its solutions. However, for those who really appreciate the speed and responsiveness in a game, Cubefield will bring real excitement to the process. Your main task is to avoid collisions with colorful cubes on your way to the finish line. Use your full range of reactions and get the result. In addition, the game offers many obstacles and unexpected twists, seemingly with extremely standard gameplay. The game will be a fun way to spend some time away from everyday problems. It is suitable for both children and adults. So why don't you try to be the best at Cubefield?

How to play Cubefield

The gameplay is simple: you will find yourself in an arena where you can control your own trajectory. You will meet many cube-like obstacles on the way. They will appear in unexpected places and on the sly. You simply can not predict where exactly the cube will "grow." This adds some zest to the gameplay. In addition, all the items in the game will have different sizes, so you will need to be calculating and careful. As the game progresses, you will achieve unprecedented speed. This makes it much more difficult not to fall on the arising objects in front of your eyes. Concentrate and try to match the speed. After all, this is a race for survival. There is no compromise here. There are only you, your reaction, and the obstacles in the middle of the course. Think you can be the fastest? 


  • Simple game design but very responsive gameplay. 
  • Both adults and children will enjoy it. 
  • Constant increase in speed as you play.

Release date

June 2017




All devices

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