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Game Diner in the Storm preview
Game Diner in the Storm preview

Diner in the Storm

Diner in the Storm

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9.4(18 votes)

Diner in the Storm

Diner in the Storm is an extraordinary story-driven 2D role-playing puzzle game that unfolds as sort of an interactive comic in which your choices really do matter! Once the huge and violent storm unexpectedly hits the area, an unusual bunch of characters ends up at the Wayside Diner. Maggie, the owner, is an elderly and very polite lady who will help you feel safe, at least for a little while.

The initially comical and cozy atmosphere quickly becomes eerie and creepy, and you start suspecting it’s not just a regular storm you’re dealing with. Depending on your interactions, decisions, and dialogue choices, there are multiple endings available, and it will definitely take more than a couple of tries until you’ve gotten to the bottom of this mystery.

How to play Diner in the Storm

To fully enjoy classic RPG games laden with multiple dialogue options you need to really immerse into the story and carefully hear out what the NPCs have to say. Some of them are trying to help you out, others will try to mislead you, and even with the best intentions at heart, it’s sometimes hard to make all the right choices. Playing this game with audio on is highly recommended since the sound effects and music are amazing and will make for an extra immersive experience.

What are the controls for Diner in the Storm?

You can play Diner in the Storm on both PC and mobile web browsers. Click or tap, hold, and drag to move across the scenery, interact with the NPCs, and select dialogue choices. If playing on a PC device, you can also use the WASD or arrow keys to move across the area and the Spacebar to skip dialogues.


  • An extraordinary story-driven puzzle classic RPG
  • Multiple storyline endings where dialogue choices matter
  • Not just a regular storm, but something much more horrifying

Release date

May 2024


Maxim Tsai


All devices

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