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Dog Puzzle Story 2

Collect all the toys and treats the good boy Charlie could ever possibly need, and more, in Dog Puzzle Story 2! Test your match-3 skills across various uniquely designed boards littered with your dog’s favorite delicacies and playthings. Each level requires an adaptive strategy as new and different tile mechanics are gradually introduced. Unlock and use various boosts, and design 3+ tile combos to overcome the increasingly difficult challenges.

How to play Dog Puzzle Story 2?

On each level in Dog Puzzle Story 2, you’re tasked with collecting a predetermined quantity of specific items in a limited number of moves. In the first couple of maps, your dog Charlie will be your guide and introduce you to the game mechanics. These hints, along with music and sound, can be turned on or off at any time in the settings menu.

After the initial smooth sailing, different tile types are introduced to the board — this is when the game gets more challenging. Some blocks will be frozen, and you won’t be able to move them. To break the ice, you’ll have to work around it and clear the adjacent objects first. There are several “boosts” available, for example, you can clear entire rows or columns with a rocket or destroy undesired blocks with a hammer. Use these wisely to your advantage in saving even seemingly hopeless situations.

Advanced tips for Dog Puzzle Story 2

When you match 4 tiles, you’ll create new blocks that will enable you to clear entire rows or columns. Furthermore, the 5 block combos will award you the “Ball bomb”, which you can combine with any adjacent cell, thus providing a more efficient way to collect the required items.


  • Relaxing, enjoyable, and addictive match-3 game
  • Increasingly challenging and unique levels
  • Design 3+ tile-matching combos to clear the board in style

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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