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Domino — a classic tabletop game played worldwide, is available for free today in your mobile or PC browser! The goal of this renowned puzzle game is to lay down all your dominoes on the table. Besides “Classic dominoes”, this game features additional “Block dominoes” and “All Fives” game modes if you want to spice things up. There’s some luck involved, but skill remains the deciding factor when it comes to winning.

How to play Domino?

The basic rule is to place a domino with an identical number at the "free" edge. The first player to go is the one with the highest "double" domino in his hand.

The “Classic dominoes” and “Block dominoes” game modes are very similar. The difference occurs when you’re unable to play your hand. In “Classic” you’ll draw dominoes from the “boneyard” until you get a useful piece, while in “Block” you’ll skip the turn. When a player lays down all the dominoes on the table, they score points based on the value of all pieces the opponent could not place. The first rival to score 100 points wins the game.

In “All Fives”, the game becomes a bit more tricky and interesting. Each time a player adds a piece, the very end numbers on the table are totaled. If the sum is dividable by 5, the total is added to the player’s score — the first to score 150 is the winner!

What are the controls for Domino?

You can play Domino on your PC or mobile browser for free! Tap or click, then hold and drag a domino to place it in a suitable spot on the table.


  • A classic tabletop game for you to enjoy
  • Up to 3 different game modes for you to try out
  • Customizable dominoes and background colors

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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