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Plants vs Zombies

The ever-growing hordes of undead are attacking our peaceful realm once again, and it is up to you to organize the defenses in Plants Vs Zombies. Each of the plants at your disposal has unique stats and special abilities, and to achieve optimal performance, you must place them strategically.

This amazing idle tower-defense game features colorful 2D graphics and relaxing gameplay. There are hundreds of levels to complete, and each 5th level presents you with a boss fight. Spend the coins earned by eliminating enemies to buy different plants and upgrade existing ones in your efforts to repel the zombie invaders.

How to play Plants Vs Zombies

This exciting game features 2-step plant upgrades. You can purchase identical plants and simply merge them to gain levels, but also click on the Upgrade in the interface to boost their stats even further.

Each of the plants available in the shop has up to 3 base stats: DAME (damage), (attack) speed, and (shooting) distance. All these attributes combined will determine a specific effective combat rating which allows you to roughly determine the specific plant’s strength immediately.

There are 4 plant types available:

  • Rapid fire — fast attack speed, single target damage
  • Frozen — medium attack speed, slows enemies down
  • Poisonous — slower attack speed, damage over time
  • Spray — slow attack speed, area of effect damage

Take your time to learn their strengths and weaknesses to use them optimally.

What are the controls for Plants Vs Zombies?

Plants Vs Zombies is playable on both mobile and PC devices. Tap or click to use the icons in the interface. Hold and drag to move, merge, or delete plants.


  • Relaxing and enjoyable idle tower-defense game
  • Up to 16 unique deadly plants
  • Boss fights, plant upgrades, and hundreds of levels
  • Cute animations and vivid 2D graphics

Release date

April 2023


PopCap Games


All devices

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