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Game DOP: Draw One Part preview
Game DOP: Draw One Part preview

DOP: Draw One Part

DOP: Draw One Part

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DOP: Draw One Part

Meticulously analyze hundreds of cute drawings to determine which part is missing and complete them in DOP: Draw One Part. This awesome drawing puzzle is designed to be especially attractive for kids, and to make things even better, it does a great job of improving the player’s fine motor skills. The game is overall very casual and perfectly suitable for all ages.

However, the gameplay isn’t exactly easy, and besides a steady hand, a great deal of analytic and creative thinking is mandatory (regardless of your age). Fortunately, when you’re completely out of ideas, there are hints available to help you complete even the toughest of levels.

How to play DOP: Draw One Part

The gameplay can be roughly divided into two parts. Before you can determine which part of the image is missing, you must first be 100% certain of what the drawing represents. In most cases, it’s pretty obvious to figure out what’s depicted, but in some situations, it’s much easier said than done.

If you get the first part right, drawing the missing section of the image isn’t that hard. The lines don’t have to be pinpoint accurate, so even if your hand slips here and there you’ll still be able to complete the level.

What are the controls for DOP: Draw One Part?

You can play DOP: Draw One Part on both PC and mobile web. Subjectively, we prefer to play drawing games on a touchscreen device, but the choice of gaming platform is entirely yours to make. Click or tap, then hold and drag to draw the missing piece and complete the cute drawing.


  • A casual drawing puzzle suitable for all ages
  • Especially attractive for kids, dearly enjoyed by adults
  • Entertaining fine motor skills and problem-solving exercise

Release date

June 2020




All devices

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