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Game Dream Pet Link 2 preview
Game Dream Pet Link 2 preview

Dream Pet Link 2

Dream Pet Link 2

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Dream Pet Link 2

Connect the identical tiles featuring dozens of eye-catching animal portraits in the exciting tile-matching game Dream Pet Link 2! The graphics are designed to be especially attractive for kids, but the gameplay isn’t all that simple, so the adults who like exercising their brains while playing should enjoy it, too!

There are square tiles on the board, and to complete each level, you must link each of them to their identical counterparts. The line linking them must pass through the already cleared space, doesn’t have to be straight, but can’t contain more than two 90-degree bends. If you like an extra challenge, besides the default Easy difficulty, there’s a time-limited Hard mode as well.

How to play Dream Pet Link 2

The beginning of each level is usually the hardest part because paths between matching tiles are most often obstructed. You must seek adjacent pairs to remove first, and then move on to the borders of the puzzle. If there are two of the same tiles on any of the sides, you can eliminate them easily to open up additional matching combinations.

Determine which squares are hindering your progress the most and try to get rid of them as soon as possible. Sometimes it takes a couple of moves to finally remove the ones that are causing problems, but eventually, it’s all worth it.

What are the controls for Dream Pet Link 2?

You can enjoy playing Dream Pet Link 2 on both PC and mobile devices. The controls are fairly simple, but keep in mind that the lines connecting identical tiles can’t contain more than two 90-degree bends. Click or tap on the matching portraits to remove them from the board.


  • A gorgeous 2D tile-matching puzzle
  • Cutest of animal friend portraits
  • Perfectly suitable for kids and adults
  • Easy (default) and Hard difficulties

Release date

June 2023


Azerion Casual Games


All devices

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