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Fancy Pants Adventure

Often remembered as one of the true classics of 2D plane running games, Fancy Pants Adventure is cast out on a unique thrilling atmosphere with eye-catching stick-man-type graphics. Feel immersed as the game'es subtle story unwinds while you play along. Its friendly nature and simple game play allows any age category to play and enjoy the adventure and its challenges. The game’s distinctive play style and missions are one for the books!

How to play Fancy Pants Adventure?

Take control of the game’s protagonist ‘Fancy Pants’ and help him dodge enemies, solve puzzles, and jump across borders to reach the final goal. With each level, the complexity of the levels' layout increases, and also more terrifying monsters will come to try and stop your adventure. Starting off in a dark and damp atmosphere with very little light, search your way through all the secret doors and springboards. Remember to gather as many squiggles as you can to make the incoming levels a tad bit easier. Note that you can jump on enemies to defeat them. But you can also run away if you think it’s the best course of action to take. The game provides you with many easter egg bonus missions too, so be sure to explore thoroughly and keep your eyes open as you play on.

The retro setup and nostalgic feel of Fancy Pants Adventure will ensure you have a fun adventure as you progress through the stages. Can ‘Fancy Pants’ vanquish the fearsome monsters and conquer the adventure? It’s all up to you!

What are the controls for Fancy Pants Adventure?

The game is only compatible with PC. Press the ‘Left and Right’ arrow keys to make your character move. Use the ‘S’ key to jump, the ‘Up’ arrow key to open doors, and the ‘Down’ arrow key to duck. You can also pause the game by pressing the ‘Spacebar’.


  • Fun, old-school feel
  • Easy controls
  • Smooth and flowing gameplay

Release date

March 2023


Brad Borne



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