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Game FireBlob Winter preview
Game FireBlob Winter preview

FireBlob Winter

FireBlob Winter

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FireBlob Winter

FireBlob Winter is a Mario-like 2D arcade platformer featuring pixelated retro-styled graphics, relaxing background music, responsive controls, and progressively challenging gameplay. The objective in each stage is to set the campfires ablaze by guiding the cute protagonist wearing a Santa hat to their locations.

There are a total of 81 levels, and while the introductory ones are easy to complete, the hostile blobs soon enter the stage, making your missions more and more difficult. Retro graphics aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Even if you’re not a fan of this kind of visual design, immersing in the game open-mindedly will allow you to appreciate its gorgeous simplicity and amazing gameplay.

How to play FireBlob Winter

The first couple of levels aren’t all that complicated, but completing them is a great way of practicing the movement controls and testing the limits of your character. Holding the jump control for a longer time results in higher jumps, so make sure to experiment with this ability.

The hostile blobs move in a predetermined way, and if you take a moment to analyze these patterns, you shouldn’t have much trouble outwitting them. Upon completing the game in the classic mode, you can challenge yourself by setting the best possible time in the Speedrun.

What are the controls for FireBlob Winter?

FireBlob Winter works flawlessly on both PC and mobile web, so the gaming platform choice is entirely up to you. Use the easily discerned arrow buttons to move and jump on mobile. The PC controls are shown in the list below:

  • Move left — A/arrow key left
  • Move right — D/arrow key right
  • Jump — W/H/Space/arrow key up


  • A classic arcade 2D arcade platformer
  • A total of 81 levels in classic and Speedrun modes
  • Pixelated retro graphics, gloriously relaxing music

Release date

November 2021




All devices

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