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Surf’s up! Flipsurf.io is here to give you a ride of your time to get to the leaderboard! Compete with AI or other players in a bid to race through the level as fast as you could with this game!

How to play FlipSurf.io?

A simple game to start off to, you’re tasked with surfing towards the goal while doing as much flips as you could pull off as you reach a wave! Multiple flips can be done for more points, as well as pulling off a proper landing meant that you can get a momentary boost! Watch out for the rocks and other players around, however! They can cause you to lose speed or be taken out!

Perfect Landings – Reaching a good angle before you land into the water causes you to get Perfect Landing, which would give you a substantial boost forward. It also lets you reach higher altitude and can be cumulative, letting you fly to your heart’s desire!

Dynamic Levels – Not all maps are the same, with some having larger jumps, or a series of small jumps that lets you skip over them as you fly through!

Revives – Got a bit too greedy on that jump? You can get revived for free by watching an ad, if you think you’re going to win it!

What are the controls for Flipsurf.io?

  • Use the Left Mouse Button or Up arrow key to flip.
  • Use the A/D or the Left/Right arrow keys to move sideways.
  • For Mobile users, press on the sides of your screen to move and hold the screen to flip.


  • Multiple Characters – The game comes with a ton of random character sets to use for your character!
  • IO feature – You can end up playing with other players in a match!
  • Thematic Maps – Maps comes in several themes, which varies wildly! Go wild to find them all! 

Release date

March 2020


Umami Games


All devices

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