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Fun Race 3D

Three giant-headed sprinters are desperately trying to survive the treacherous obstacle course in Fun Race 3D. You can only move at a constant speed, so to guide your character to victory, it’s necessary to focus entirely on avoiding various traps. The yellow stickman you’re controlling is slightly faster than the opponents, so if you lose, there’s nobody to blame.

There are up to 10 levels to complete in which you’ll encounter all sorts of incapacitating hurdles. It’s nigh impossible to recover from a mistake, so perfect execution is essential. Do you have what it takes to get crowned as the ultimate stickman sprinter?

How to play Fun Race 3D

The traps won’t kill you, but they will stun you for a while. Since the sprinting tracks are quite short and you can’t really speed up or cut corners, it’s impossible to catch up to your rivals. Therefore it’s essential to learn the approximate obstacle timings to determine whether to continue running or play it safe.

You’ll encounter spikes protruding from the ground, giant hammers smashing the careless runners, and many other hurdles, so you’ll often need to stop in your tracks. Make sure to move your character as close as possible to the moving trap during its animation to ensure you have a slight advantage over your opponents. Click repeatedly to just slightly move your character, but make sure not to bump into the obstacle, or you’ll get briefly incapacitated.

What are the controls for Fun Race 3D?

You can play Fun Race 3D for free exclusively in a PC browser. Hold the left mouse button to run, and release it to stop.


  • A stickman lane-running race game
  • Plenty of deadly moving traps to avoid
  • Up to 10 levels to complete

Release date

July 2019





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