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Get My Outfit


Get My Outfit

Help the bouncing little yellow dress reach a crying girl and put a happy smile on her face in Get My Outfit! This relaxing puzzle game for kids requires you to manipulate various beams, lasers, and mirrors in up to 60 uniquely designed levels. You’re tasked with figuring out the safe method to make the girl’s favorite lively outfit fall into her hands once again. While the levels are very simple in the beginning, the latter stages introduce new game mechanics that demand correct logical thinking to deal with successfully.

How to play Get My Outfit

The main protagonist feels so blue without her dazzling yellow dress, all she can do is cry. Literally, she’s not even moving, but luckily enough, the little dress is alive and hopping around. The series of obstacles are stopping it from falling into the grieving girl’s hands, and your job is to remove them and brighten up her mood.

At most levels, there are several steps you must undertake to do your job successfully. It’s of the utmost importance to work out the correct move order before attempting to solve the puzzle. Most of the objects and NPCs in each level will destroy your outfit if given a chance, so try to eliminate or enclose all threats before letting the dress freely.

What are the controls for Get My Outfit?

You can play Get My Outfit for free on both PC and mobile. Click or tap the arrows to move the beams. Hold and drag to manipulate other objects.


  • A relaxing puzzle game for girls that requires logical thinking
  • Step-by-step problem solving
  • Up to 60 levels available

March 2023


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