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Getting Over It


Getting Over It

Getting Over It is an arcade game that requires you to scale a mountain by using a hammer in a strategic manner while taking advantage of physics. Push yourself to the limit and see how far you can climb without losing your sanity! This Scratch game is a fan-made version of the original Getting Over It by Bennett Foddy.

How to play Getting Over It?

In this lighthearted variation, you control a cat in a potted plant climbing up vibrant blocks and enormous fruits. Similar to the original game, it is quite challenging and unforgiving!

Be patient and avoid moving too quickly, as it may cause you to fall back down to the beginning. Make calculated moves and try not to get frustrated! Use the hammer to navigate tricky spots with caution.

Stay calm and keep Getting Over It!


  • Unique gameplay that is easy to understand but very difficult to master
  • Extremely frustrating, but in the most rewarding way!
  • Very simple controls


  • Use your mouse to control the hammer. Make fast moves in order to gain momentum and climb higher!

March 2020


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