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Game Glowit - Two Players preview
Game Glowit - Two Players preview

Glowit - Two Players

Glowit - Two Players

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Glowit - Two Players

Battle it out with a friend for the ultimate bragging rights in an amazing arcade-styled game Glowit - Two Players. Players take turns while competing in 12 randomly drawn mini-games that incorporate many different gaming genres: sports, shooting, and logical puzzles, for example. The objectives of each game are clearly stated before the start, so you won’t have much trouble getting into it.

The authentic arcade experience is successfully emulated with 2D neon graphics and trigger-happy sound effects. You’ll engage in playing variations of air hockey, billiards, table soccer, basketball, shooting, and many other entertaining competitive games. Most encounters shouldn’t last too long so there will be many rematches, and the best part is — you never know what you’ll get to play next!

How to play Glowit - Two Players

The blinking red or blue dots in the corners of the screen indicate which player enters the stage. In some games, like table soccer, for example, taking over the controls quickly is crucial, so you better have a gentlemanly agreement about the rules to avoid unwanted hassle.

All of the mini-games, regardless of their subgenre, can be reduced to 2D shooters. Besides a steady aim, the meticulous adjustment of the control input’s power is an essential part of a winning strategy.

What are the controls for Glowit - Two Players?

You can play Glowit - Two Players on both PC and mobile devices, so it’s up to you and a friend to decide which gaming platform you prefer sharing. To perform various actions in a dozen mini-games, click or tap on the object of interest, then hold and drag to determine its trajectory, and finally release to set it in motion.


  • The ultimate 2-player arcade game
  • Dozens of randomly drawn mini-games to compete in
  • Flashy neon graphics and good sound effects

Release date

July 2020


Shared Dreams Studios


All devices

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