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Hide N Seek

Hide N Seek is an exciting 3D simulation game for both kids and adults in which you’ll play as a seeker, and the objective is to discover all your sneaky friends. They’re pretty crafty at picking secluded spots around the house, and you’ll never find them in the same place twice! You aren’t the one to give up quickly, and a fun game of cat and mouse among friends begins!

There are plenty of levels available, and just as you start getting bored at home, the fellowship decides to go to another location. A new building to play in provides fresh hiding spots for your friends and a completely new set of challenges for you. Search in all the rooms, open every closet, look behind every door, and check under the table to make sure you’ve found all the stealthy friends!

How to play Hide N Seek

Count your friends before they start hiding, because to complete each level you must find everyone playing. Don’t go too far in the very beginning, but take your time to look around you and inspect the room you’re currently in. Only once you’re certain there’s nobody around, proceed with your quest.

Don’t rush leaving an area before making sure that you’ve checked every corner of the room. Once you find a hiding friend, you must approach and click on him/her to let them know they’re caught.

What are the controls for Hide N Seek?

Hide N Seek is currently exclusively playable in a PC browser. Use WASD or arrow keys to walk, move your mouse to look around, and click on objects to interact.


  • A 3D simulation of a classic kids’ game
  • Your sneaky friends are hiding from you
  • Perfectly suitable for all ages

Release date

March 2022


YSO Corp



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