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Idle Ants

There’s no accidentally dropped snack too big for the Idle Ants to dismember and feed to their queen. The industrious colony is thriving under your watchful eye and it’s quite therapeutic watching a well-organized army of ants clean up after the resource-wasting humans. Nothing goes to waste near these tiny hoarders, and they’re doing an amazing job maintaining the natural order!

This idle game is by no means hard, the gameplay is relaxing and enjoyable, and it won’t take up any more time than you’re ready to spend. The colony will continue gathering food even while you’re AFK, so you can come back anytime you feel like checking on it and invest the cash earned in upgrades. 

How to play Idle Ants

In the very beginning, the gameplay unfolds fairly slowly, but after collecting a couple of food chunks, you’ll be able to upgrade your colony in three different ways. You can increase the Ant number, improve the ants’ Moving speed, and invest in higher Food value.

It’s important to spend the money earned somewhat evenly on all the upgrades available, especially when it comes to growing your colony and speeding up the tireless workers. The high cost of upgrading the Food value may discourage you at first, but it’s a worthy investment that will pay off really fast once you’ve managed to acquire the funds required.

What are the controls for Idle Ants?

You can play Idle Ants on mobile and PC devices alike. Tap or click to interact with easily discerned icons on your screen.


  • Industrious ants leave no waste behind
  • Enjoyable laid-back gameplay and relaxing classical music
  • Three different colony upgrades and a couple of special abilities

Release date

March 2021




All devices


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