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Game Idle Cars preview
Game Idle Cars preview

Idle Cars

Idle Cars

Theatre mode
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Idle Cars

Sit back and enjoy the endless toy car circuit racing in Idle Cars! This addictive idle clicker game features up to 23 gorgeous car models, laid-back gameplay, and offline income. Lest we forget to mention it, the jazzy, upbeat soundtrack is true ear candy and will easily get under your skin.

Come back daily to collect money the race cars earned for you and spend it on buying new awesome rides. Complete Achievements, win Trophies, and improve your Stats to earn more cash faster. Click on the wheel at the middle of the screen franticly to increase the speed of all vehicles on the track and boost your income!

How to play Idle Cars

Idle games aren't too demanding and are perfect entertainment if you have a limited amount of free time daily. Even when the game isn't running, you'll keep earning money, so there isn't really much to worry about. Use the money collected to unlock new cars and improve existing ones.

Earning Trophies and completing Achievements will boost your income significantly, so you may want to focus on getting these done whenever you can. To boost your Stats, you’ll have to click on the wheel to speed up the cars and gain points you can later spend on different improvements.

What are the controls for Idle Cars?

You can play Idle Cars on both PC and mobile devices. Click or tap to explore the interface, and click or tap repeatedly on the wheel at the middle of your screen to speed up the cars and earn money faster.


  • Relaxing toy car circuit racing clicker game
  • Up to 23 awesome vehicle models and hundreds of car-level upgrades
  • Various Stats to improve, Achievements to complete, and Trophies to earn

Release date

November 2021




All devices

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